Juanita Cook Greenbelt & Trail

The best place to begin Juanita Cooke Trail is at the north end of Laguna Lake Park and head south until the trail ends on Harbor Blvd near the Fullerton Courthouse.

Beautiful old Oak, Eucalyptus, California Pepper, Palm and Pine trees add covered relief while hiking this easy 2.5 mile dirt trail.

The trail’s bridge crosses above abandoned railroad tracks below.

The only steep climb is a short curved path after crossing Bastanchury Road. Juanita Cooke is a multiuse trail shared by hikers, bikers and horseback riders.

Neighbors on both sides along the trail have put in beautiful landscaping of flowering shrubs to enjoy, benches to rest your feet, a watering spot for you and your pet to quench your thirst and a Lost & Found mailbox for items misplaced.

Sometimes we forget to explore what’s right in our own neighborhood. I’ll have to remember to take this path more often when I head out each morning.

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