Tessie Cracks

During California’s overcast days when there’s moisture, Tessie’s roof top glass panel glows an orangey-red. The glass is designed to reflect certain wavelengths of light, including UV and reflect the sun’s heat away from the interior. It’s the strangest thing, but pretty cool at the same time.

While in the driver’s seat, I glance up towards the sky and notice a shiny orange-red hairline crack that is somehow illuminated by sun. It runs from the front middle edge of the roof panel straight back and circles around. How and when did this happen?

Tessie’s mobile service was completed the day before and a general inspection was done after her air filters were replaced. Nothing out of the ordinary was recorded, yet strangely there’s a crack which needs attention and an appointment was set.

Tesla coordinates and communicates remotely through their app with text and email messages. There’s no loaner offered while your car is serviced during the pandemic. Instead, a $400 Uber voucher is issued to your account. It was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of experiencing Uber’s Black service 🤣😂.

I’m unsure if Tessie has been refitted with the orange panel roof, not all Model 3s have it. The orange layer of the glass is most visible either early in the morning with dew or after some rain when the car is wet.

So until she gets wet, Tessie smells great and sports a new a top. Despite the costly repair expense, I still love my Tessie.

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