Yorba Regional Park

After spending a few months quarantined safe indoors, Morgan and I have become obsessed with hiking outdoor trails. Discovering new and interesting places is something we enjoy, so we decide to visit Yorba Regional Park.

This park located in Anaheim is usually a popular spot, but on this weekday morning, there were very few visitors. I thought after all the mandatory quarantining, more people would be out soaking up summer sunshine.

Ten minutes into our walk, adjacent to the park is the Santa Ana River and the Santa Ana River Trail. I smile to myself as I listen to the calming sounds of rushing water, blending with the traffic from the 91 Freeway.

We found ourselves stopping along the trail to quench our thirst, wipe off our brow and enjoy the quiet scenery as Canadian Geese, ducks and squirrels cross our path.

Yorba Regional Park is massive with 4 lakes which are stocked for fishing, baseball fields, playgrounds, volleyball courts, and horseshoes,

As we near the end of the trail, I manage to have a minor mishap. A jump for joy photo idea sends Morgan and I into tearful laughter after shutter delay and a misstep produced these results. 😂

Whether it’s the pandemic or California heat that’s keeping people indoors, the silent peace and beautiful surroundings made it a perfect hike. It was so nice having the trail all to ourselves. I hope you continue to follow along as I go about my day. ❤️

One comment

  1. What? Another fall?! Wait til Kimberly sees this! Lol 😂

    People are working or helping their kids with Zoom school!

    And it’s time for the rattle snakes 🐍 to be out! 😱😱

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