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Social media. It’s been around long enough now that most of us know that it’s more than just a way to keep in touch with old friends and distant family.

What you like, share and post on social media, both about your personal life and about what’s going on in the world, can speak volumes about you and send out all sorts of vibes—both positive and negative—to anyone looking.

So how to choose what to post? For me, it’s simply a useful daily journal and actually lots of fun. As a blogger, I have an obsession with taking photos of everything, no matter where I am and capturing the moment is just second nature.

Just be you!

The shared memories popping up with photos blissfully hugging family, having fun with friends, going to ballgames, seeing plays, hiking beautiful trails are constant reminders that thanks to the pandemic, the past year has been challenging.

All of life’s events don’t just exist in our head anymore, they are shared. So just be you and let your social media personality shine.


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