Another National Day

There are over 1,500 national days and among others it’s SAVE YOUR PHOTOS DAY.


This is a great day to back up those digital photos and organize all those Polaroid pictures.

What’s the backstory?

Some of the older photographs that have made it this far may be missing vital information. Many of our grandparents didn’t take the time to write the names of the people in the pictures, never realizing that generations later would be as fascinated by the people in the images as they were by taking them.

Photographs, whether digital or physical, are important and a collection of our memories. Whether they were passed down from our grandparents and parents or recent personal photos, they represent days and moments in our lives. If lost, those photos of loved ones can’t be reclaimed.

Save Your Photos Day reminds you to take that extra time to protect your memories and keep them safe. And if you haven’t looked through your photos in years, it’ll take you down memory lane.

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