Orange Sky and Ash

California’s sunshine is the one thing you can count on in Southern California, but not today as I think out loud, “Good Morning…. wait, WHAT?”

Morning Sun

Following a sizzling hot weekend of l07-109° (42-43C) record temperatures and new fires, California’s morning sun is a blazing orange ball and the skies a smoky yellow.

As I head outside for my morning walk, I pass our cars sprinkled with ash. There seems to be a woodsy smell as I inhale and begin to wonder about air quality.

After twenty minutes, my dog turns for home, no longer interested in walking further. Does Mickey know of some unforeseen events to be or perhaps the walk has become too strenuous for him?

Well, I hope not! It shouldn’t matter if the sky is gray, blue or orange, make life worth living and always remember to sing, dance and be a little crazy along the way!

Stay cool, be safe, life is short. Thank you for following a day with donna. ❤️

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