Say Hello to “Richard”

“The most precious gifts we can give another person are things that don’t cost anything: Caring. Attention. Affection. Appreciation. Love. Silent prayers and wishes of happiness, joy and laughter are other very powerful forms of giving.”

Last week while in my backyard, I met a kindhearted person named Linda who entrusted me with her beautiful blooming plumerias.

Linda and husband Dave delivered 4 beautiful varieties of plumeria to my home. Linda felt her plumerias had outgrown their pots and needed to be planted.

Linda loves these plumerias and the feeling of Hawaii they bring her. For years Linda had concerns over their growth and agonized finding them a new home. Linda said it’s weird, seeing my home with the plumerias made her feel for the first time she had found the place where they will thrive. Each of Linda’s plumerias have found a home in my yard.

One special pot contained a cutting from Hawaii which Linda’s father brought to California. At 18, Richard was stationed with the navy in Hawaii before heading to Okinawa during the Korean War. Richard held a love for the islands.

Linda mentioned she had been very close to her dad which touched my heart and gives this golden yellow plumeria it’s new name “Richard”. I knew the perfect spot to place Richard too. He sits between 2 large palms viewing the lake and the nightly sunset. ❤️

Plumerias line my home and sharing them with others brings joy. Spreading the beauty of aloha between friends and those you meet along the way makes us ohana.

The next time you find yourself taking a stroll around Laguna Lake and pass my house, look up and say hello to “Richard”. Linda believes he’s smiling from heaven and I do too.

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