Father’s Day

Father’s Day offers us a chance to recognize the role that dads and fatherhood have played in our lives.

The photo tells the story of a happy family and the admiration the girl has for her dad. The emotions depicted on the daughter’s face shows how excited she is to be with her dad as she glances his way.

We owe so much to our dads, not only for the dumb jokes, piggy back rides and bedtime stories, but their hard work and sacrifice.

We are all blessed having a father by our side. Being able to spend time with him has been a treat for all of us. So today, treat your dad to the fullest and honor his contributions in your life.

No matter what I did , I knew he was always there! With arms wide open, a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on! I Love you Dad!
Happy Father’s Day to him and all Dad’s.

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