Cave Rock Trail

Road to Cave Rock Trail

Cave Rock is on the southeast side of Lake Tahoe.

The trailhead is unmarked and hidden behind the fenced off parking. Set out on the single-track Cave Rock Trail.

Almost immediately, the trail offers rewarding views of Lake Tahoe, the surrounding shoreline, and the snow-clad Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Cave Rock

The sight of Cave Rock will have you speculating how amazing things must look from the top as you gradually hike this easy scenic trail.

A left at the fork leads to the base of Cave Rock and a scramble about 50 vertical feet to the top. You will need to use your hands, picking your steps over most of the boulders and hoisting yourself up in a few places during the ascent.

The views from Cave Rock are well worth the climb and it doesn’t take long. Cave Rock Trail is just 0.9 miles round trip!

If you enjoy short and easy hikes, this one is for you! And you can’t beat the views.

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