Steep Canyon Trail

Hiking has become a favorite pastime for many during the covid pandemic. Just being outdoors is a great way to calm the mind, release stress and enjoy nature.

Steep Canyon Trail in Diamond Bar, California begins with stairs that will get your heart pumping.

The stairs leads uphill to Ridge Route Trail, creating a great cardio workout. As it’s name implies, there’s a lot of steep inclines and declines as we continued along this dirt trail.

Despite the warning, there were no rattlesnake sightings on this hike, merely a western whiptail blending with his surroundings.

It’s moments sitting at the summit or walking under a beautiful tree overhang you enjoy the beauty of a new place. These moments are often relaxing, calming and reflecting.

I’ve discovered there are numerous trails in Southern California for every type of hiker that’s diverse, scenic and one-of-a-kind. Set foot down a path and see for yourself.

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