Sycamore Canyon & Mesa Trail

The Sycamore Canyon Trail in Diamond Bar is a short but sweet 1.6 mile (round trip) hike. You can access the trail from the lower end of the park as well as from the upper end.

The hike up and down stairs will get your heart pumping, especially on the Mesa Trail which offers views of the San Gabriel Mountains at the top.

San Gabriel Mountains

There’s exercise stations located along the Mesa Trail overlooking the canyon if you want more of a workout.

The Lower Canyon Trail travels above a tranquil creek and is shaded a portion of the way by Sycamore and Oak Trees. It’s a relaxing spot to sit and enjoy the natural beauty.

Spotted a jackrabbit, California quail, southern alligator lizard and a fox squirrel on the trail.

Sycamore Canyon Park Trail is an easy hike through a riparian habitat of oak, walnut and sycamore trees. It’s a surprisingly peaceful retreat in the middle of suburbia.

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