Rocks of Joy

Rock painting groups are brightening the days of strangers with colorful rocks and Rockin Round Fullerton continues making a big impact in the community, one rock at a time.

So how is finding a rock going to make you happy? These made at home rocks are designed with inspiring quotes or pictures and hidden to make someone else’s day.

Don’t we all love hunting for something special and being a part of something that makes others smile?

The goal is to create a rock that inspires inspiration and lifts a stranger. The rocks are usually left in public places like parks or along trails in plain sight.


A label on the back of rock let’s you check social media to see when and if your rock is found. Whoever finds your rock knows it was meant to be found—and hopefully inspires them to keep the tradition going.

The rock painting craze is a viral trend in high gear and you’ll be surprised at what you may find on your next walk.

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