Moderna Reaction

The second dose of the Pfizer shot is supposed to be given 21 days after the first; for Moderna, the recommended interval between doses is 28 days.

First Moderna Vaccination Reaction

If you experienced a rash at the injection site like I did, called “Covid arm”, after getting your first shot, the CDC recommends getting it in the other arm the second time around.

People are reporting that the second vaccine packs a punch and my second one had me in bed — literally — I was tired with a headache and a sore arm. I’ve been lead to believe it’s an indication of a vigorous immune response.

2nd Moderna Vaccination Reaction

It’s recommended to not make any big plans for the day after your scheduled vaccine appointment and I agree.

In two weeks, the second dose will build full protection to the virus and there should be almost a zero chance of developing severe disease if exposed to someone with COVID-19.

I’m hopeful we’re on the path to returning to life pre-pandemic. Until then, mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing practices continues.

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