I’m Inoculated …

sharply reducing the risk of getting really sick from the coronavirus.

Easy & Quick Process

10:05am – Arrived at Kaiser Permanente, parking in their parking structure.

10:07am – 4th Floor Conference Center, it’s setup as a vaccination area staffed with Kaiser employees.

10:10am – Registered at Check In, Connie (black slacks) directs you to a vaccination station.

10:15am – Adminstered with 2nd booster vaccine to my right arm.

10:15am – Seated (under observation) for the required 15 minutes

10:32am – Released.

About two weeks after the first dose, you are 50-80 percent protected. Two weeks after the second dose, the vaccine is able to reach its full potential. Do you think I’m feeling a little relieved…. You betcha!

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