My Happy Place

In bad times and in good, I have never lost my sense of zest for life.

Walt Disney
Buena Vista Street

Hurray! Downtown Disney District and Buena Vista Street is magical. Being at this happy place can only make you smile beneath your masks.

Lego Store

Downtown Disney District is open with select retail and dining locations. Social distancing measures are followed, resulting in lines outside stores due to capacity limits.

Limited shopping and outdoor dining is available with a noticeable increase in merchandise and food prices.

All ear headbands are $29.99 and their light up balloons are $15 now. However, discovering the princess dresses were BOGO was a great find and the best deal!

How can you not have an enjoyable day shopping with your girlfriends!

Disney California Adventure as well as Disneyland remains closed, yet it feels so good just walking inside along Buena Vista Street and being at my happy place. 💕


It’s been a year since I’ve enjoyed a beignet from Jazz Kitchen. As I dug into my beignet, it brought me back to a time without masks, social distancing and sanitizers.

Today Birdie, Karen and I were kids again with Groot and Forky joining along. We all somehow managed to spend a lot of money while having fun.🤣

Every good thing comes to an end as we say goodbye. This will always be a magical place and the happiest place I know in spite of this pandemic.

So in these times of uncertainty, never lose your zest for life.


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