Murphy Ranch Park

Walking anywhere is great for your body. Walking outside is great for your mind.

Have you ever noticed how fantastic you feel after a walk, even when you had to drag yourself outside to do it?

A short 1.7 mile trek around Murphy Ranch Park in Whittier proves walking in nature relaxes your mind and your body.

The trail starts with a steady incline, a few flies and patches of shade as you continue along the tree lined dirt path.

Being in nature and spending time outside improves your mood and increases pleasant feelings.

Focus on your natural surroundings and see the beauty of fallen trees, a hawk soaring gracefully and playful squirrels scurrying off.

When you take a walk, practice quieting the mind, focusing on your breath and really pausing to smell the roses.

There is so much beauty all around us. Take time out to be in nature.

Find a trek that tickles your fancy, and commit to it. I did.

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