Politics & Everything Inbetween

I’ve never focused on city politics, but things changed this year when my son tossed his name in the hat for city council.

And now that I know a bit about the city regulations on campaign signs, I’m shocked at how little effect they have on where signs are placed. It leads me to wonder if these candidates running for city office have any regard for the city’s regulations😳

So this year, as I drive through the neighborhood, I’m taking more notice of thousands of campaign signs and political messages that dot the hillside, roadways, parks, along fences and on trees.

Mackenzie Chang, one of the youngest candidates running for Fullerton City Council, believes he has the youth and energy to tackle issues from new and different angles.

Mackie decided up front not to have any signs, instead relying on social media and virtual forums to get his message out to the voters. He’s been actively using Facebook and Nextdoor to circulate his ideas, thoughts, and opinions instantaneously to constituents.

Fullerton City Council District 2

Due to Covid procedures, candidate forums are broadcast live on local television stations, YouTube, Facebook Live and Zoom instead of in-person.

In case you’re wondering, Mackie’s grassroots campaign has been budget conscious and environmentally friendly, while his opponents continue campaign spending from special interest groups.

Vote for Mackie

I believe Mackie has the education, experience and backbone to balance budgets, represent the community during contract negotiations and advocate for the infrastructure needs that often fall by the wayside while collective bargaining organizations exert their influence.

Wherever you live, make sure that you exercise your right to vote, and if you’re in Fullerton’s District 2, my son would be honored to have your support.

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