Rockin Round Fullerton

Can rocks bring joy or sunshine into someone’s day?

Painted Rocks

Residents of Fullerton are discovering beautifully decorated rocks hidden “in plain sight” throughout the city. Bree Duff created Rockin Round Fullerton on Facebook to “spread joy and positivity” with rocks. It’s a viral trend to find, post, share and choose whether you want to keep the discovered rock or to rehide it.

To join the fun…you can even make a rock of your own, like I did.

On the back include the Rockin Round Fullerton site so others can learn about the fun. #rockinroundfullerton

From there, I walked to Laguna Lake placing my “bees” on trees. Within minutes a family spotted the bee and smiled excitedly. There was a smile on my face too as I quickly snapped a photo. Yes, rocks can bring joy.

It’s a super fun community-building activity that also encourages self-expression and creativity. Thank you Bree for bringing this inspiring rock project to Fullerton that’s fun for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day. ❤️

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