Oak Canyon Nature Center

Oak Canyon Nature Center is a nature preserve located in Anaheim, California. The 58-acre park is tucked into three small canyons filled with coast live oaks.

Wren Way and Bluebird Lane

The park’s main trail is a wide dirt road that eventually branches off to several trails of varying difficulty levels. Bluebird and Wren Trail is an easy 1.4 mile loop lined with beautiful oak trees that’s a shady relief during California’s heat wave.

Down a steep embankment, calm pools reflecting bright green leaves were rippled by the skating action of water strider insects floating on the surface.

Wooden Bridges

The Wren trail crosses over several shaded wooden bridges, making this hike feel more like a stroll in the park as you zigzag across the running stream.

Western Fence Lizard

There were a lot of lizards scurrying along the trails, causing Dorie to react with constant squeals.

Finches, wrens, sparrows and squirrels frequent the bird feeders and watering areas, making this a favorite spot to birdwatch.

Oak Canyon Nature Trail

Oak Canyon’s nature trails range from the gradual, paved slope of the 1/5-mile Heritage Trail to the more challenging 4/5-mile Roadrunner Ridge. I will return.

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