Tessie Smells

How much do you know about your car? I have to admit, I know very little besides getting from one place to another using navigation. So when Elon Musk’s longer range Model 3 arrived I said goodbye to my XK and hello to new technology.

“Tessie”, yes I named my car 🤣 had issues the moment she was delivered late one night. Her wheel rims had gouges, there were paint imperfections and panel gaps upon close inspection. 😳 I also wondered why Tessie’s left rear light would fog up and collect water.

Despite all the hiccups, I’ve grown to love Tessie. Wait, did I mention she smells? From the moment I drove her, there was some faint scent while the air conditioning system was on. Stinky feet, musky odor, unpleasant smell were constant comments when I drove others. I learned to drive with opened windows 🤣.

I had procrastinated long enough and an appointment was made to address Tessie’s malodorous smell. Meet Steven, a mobile service technician for Tesla who arrived at my home to check out Miss Smelly.

Steven could smell Tessie’s fragrance once the air condition system came on. He cleaned Tessie with Kool-It and changed her cabin filters. Her charge port insulator pins were replaced with updated parts and her tires inflated.

Thank you Steven for changing Tessie’s musty smell to a minty one. The whole process was amazingly easy, quick and convenient; leaving me to wonder why I waited so long.

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