Redwood Grove Trail

We all know Northern California is the place to go to see groves of giant redwoods, so it’s a pleasant surprise finding coastal redwoods in Southern California as I hike Carbon Canyon Regional Park in Brea.

This redwood grove in Carbon Canyon Regional Park is only a few decades old with over 200 Sequoia Sempervirens (coastal redwoods). It’s refreshing to feel the temperature drop 10 degrees as you walk into this little grove of redwoods.

The ground is covered in mulch which makes it easy to walk off trails and around all of the trees. The benches also invite you to relax and sit awhile.

I learned these sprouts at the base of the redwoods are clones of the parent tree and carry the parent’s identical genetic material.

The easy 2 mile loop to the redwood grove is well-marked and takes only an hour to complete. Social distancing isn’t an issue. I encountered just a handful of hikers as I walked the wide open path.

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