Senior Morning

Senior Hours

I don’t think of myself as elderly but the dedicated shopping hours for “seniors” at Costco this morning had me taking advantage of my age 🤣.

My 40 minute wait in line had me practicing my social distancing skills. Watch me as I walk single file in this video clip.

Extreme Social Distancing

Costco is an entirely different experience inside. Their aisles are empty and social distancing measures have been taken to a higher level.

Fully Stocked

I breezed through the aisles filling my cart. All shelves were fully stocked and it’s nice to see Californians are no longer hoarding.

Availability 🤔

The outside list of “have & don’t have” items may not be accurate. 🤣 Costco had Charmin and Kirkland toilet paper.

$1.50 Hot Dog / Soda

Costco’s Food Court offers a limited menu. I walked up and ordered my usual hot dog and soda combo. There were no lines and not a soul by the soda machine.


Costco has taken extra measures to insure a safer environment by limiting entry. I felt safe and protected as I passed employees sanitizing carts, floors and every metal freezer handle in the freezer aisle.

I definitely will be back on a senior morning, but after 9:15am when you can walk right in 😂.


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