POW! WOW! Hawai’i 2020

POW! WOW!’s murals make Kaka’ako an artistic attraction on O’ahu that can be seen by just taking a walk.

In its 10th year, Pow! Wow! Hawaii is an event happening February 7-16th where artists gather in the Kaka’ako neighborhood and create wall murals.

Denpa, Japan Artist

Strangely, I found out about the Pow! Wow! event while conversing with an artist from Japan whom I just met waiting for my order of malasada. Of course, I had to go!

Hawai’i Artist Jana Lam

The event was happening while I was in Honolulu and I found myself enjoying my day walking around Kaka’ako. These amazing local and international artists were actually transforming and beautifying the area with their wall art and use of vibrant colors.

Derick Fabian

I passed by a Tokidoki mural on Morning Brew’s wall and found Hawai’i artist and sticker designer Derick Fabian on Cooke Street with his “DaCatBus” street art.

The artist and their supplies lined the streets as they sprayed, painted and outlined their street art. Even the doors are artfully painted. 🤣 https://hellojetlag.com/kakaako-honolulu/

The walls through Lana Lane were completely spray painted adding interest to this backside parking alley.

I passed artists on scaffolding and ladders who were all busy sketching, painting and spraying.

Alex Pardee

Stopped to watch Alex Pardee fill in color on his mural and wondered how anyone creates a drawing of such scale. I found an interesting article written by Alex of his journey creating this street art.

Miami muralist / Tatiana Suarez

Across from Alex Pardee’s artwork on Auahi Street is this mural by Tatiana Suarez using her doodle style to transfer her mural onto her scribbled wall.


If you’re wondering about the artist Denpa, here’s his finished artwork. It was a fun afternoon meeting these creative artists and watching them do what they do best.

There’s 100 new murals and so much to see. If you’ve missed this one week event, the murals from this and past events are everywhere in this hip Kaka’ako neighborhood. It’s like walking around in an outdoor museum, not knowing what’s around the corner!

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