Rigo Hawaii

“A restaurant where our heartbeats gather, and become local assets of everlasting quality.”

HUGE Corporation philosophy
Chef Masa at Rigo Hawaii

Rigo Hawaii , a new Spanish Italian restaurant which opened last summer in the old Genki Sushi location on Kapiolani Avenue. https://rigohawaii.com/

Rigo’s high ceilings draw your eyes up to the huge Red Bull and the stairwell leading up to their selection of wines. The spacious setting and modern decor is beautifully done, making my Sunday lunch with dear friends, Wendy Ann and Bev comfy, relaxing and enjoyable.

Wood Fired Oven/Vault

There’s a wood-fired oven where pizzas are cooked and a bank vault as you head down the hall to the restrooms with Japanese toilets.

Lunch Menu/Side Salad

Ordered from Rigo’s set lunch menu and started with a salad. The salad portions were very generous for a side dish, however I found the large pieces of lettuce a bit hard to eat.

Andaluccia Mojito/$8.00

Ordered a mojito which was delicious. I didn’t understand the shaved ice mound on top though. 🤣

Neapolitan style pizza/$18.00

Enjoyed the wood fire oven baked thin crust pizza. Although a bit salty for my taste, there’s a delightful crunch with each bite.

Mixed Paella/$21.00

The mixed paella with clams, shrimp and chicken was seasoned nicely and well balanced. A signature dish at Rigo which takes a while to prepare, it’s well worth the wait and a must order dish.

Chef Masa’s Pasta of the Week/$15.00

The rich cream based sauce and homemade pasta with chicken and broccoli was so flavorful.

My slice of pizza

Ordered family-style (and recommend it), enabling us to enjoy a variety of entrees from Rigo’s set lunch menu. From my first slice of Neapolitan Pizza to my last spoonful of paella, it was deliciously satisfying.

Rigo’s free parking lot on the side turns into $5.00 valet parking after 5:00pm


  1. Hi Donna! I’m having a dinner meeting at Rigo tomorrow with my orthodontic colleagues. I’ve never been there before so I was checking out pictures of the dishes to get an idea of what I would order and a picture of a special “dish” pops up….Donna Chang! Just giving you a shoutout. Your blog is cool too. Aloha! Carlton

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